Find a Custom Auto Work Shop in Belgrade, MT

Find a Custom Auto Work Shop in Belgrade, MT

Garnas Tech offers engine builds and chassis tuning

Are you looking for custom parts for your vehicle? Bring your car to Garnas Tech, LLC in Belgrade, MT for the custom work you need. Our expert technicians can build custom engines and tune your chassis. You can count on us to construct the parts to match the demands of your vehicle.

Our mechanics can also perform restoration work. We’ll strip your vehicle down to the frame and rebuild it. Talk to us about your project today, and we’ll work hard to make your plans a reality.

Car restoration tips

Have you found a couple of cars you’re thinking about purchasing for a restoration project? Get in touch with us now to ensure your restoration project goes off without a hitch. Consider the tips below to ensure you make a smart decision:

Research which models can increase in value after a restoration because not all of them will.

If a car has rust, it’ll take a lot more time and money to restore.

Working with a car that actually starts and runs reduces the chances of expensive mechanical repairs.

Make sure the parts you’ll need are available. If you pick a car that’s rare, there may not be aftermarket replacement parts available.